£6.00 - £10.00
  • Umar

For children: A self-published picture book about a young boy fascinated with keys and determined to learn to use them for himself.

For adults: An accessible but not dumbed-down introduction to key concepts related to not only what is important is in supporting young children's learning and development, but how simple it all really is when we are given the support to trust ourselves!

David Cahn is an early years educator and wrote this picture book after reflecting on a boy in his program in 2019 who loved using keys - specifically mine at every opportunity! - and how he helped me understand how to support young children's learning better.

My hope is this book will help adults recognise young children as the powerful learners they are. When we give the the time, space and support to follow their own interests, it might look like "just playing" but they are actually building stronger brains and developing traits necessary for future joy and success in life.


ALL profits from these sales will go to:

- in collaboration with our families, helping us at Free to Learn to improve our provision based on our children's interests and needs (books, outdoor kit, sensory resources etc

- to support the work of Rachel Sara Lewis/Tutoring with Difference. They provide quality and dynamic tuition to students from the ages of 7-99. Using various interfaces students are able to access group lessons as well as individual with discounts and scholarships available for those on a lower income.